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In order to protect the safety of our customers, we will need to verify your phone number before proceeding with your registration as a user. There is no charge for you to register, and the verification is a very simple process.

Step 1: Enter your phone number in the box below and click Send / Call to receive a text message or phone call with a pin number.
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Valid: 378282246310005 American Express

Invalid: 4000111111111115 Visa

Exp Date: Any date after today

CID: Any 4 digits.

Note: We use your credit card mainly to confirm your identity, but by submitting this information you also authorize us to charge a re-listing fee for any unpaid auction purchases. We do not store your credit card information on our servers. We can only see the name and last 4 digits. Our credit card processing company will store your number and place a hold of $1 to verify your credit card.

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